What is distance Shamanic Healing?

Awacha follows the teachings of the Q’eros Shamans of Peru, an ancient tradition which comes from the Incas. This healing practice involves:
Chakra realignment through Chanting Sacred Icaros (Sacred Songs) which goes to re-balance the energy centres and also help to heal on a cellular level. If you’re interested in learning or becoming a Shamanic Practitioner, you can also explore Online Shamanic Foundation Course.

How can it help me?

Shamanic Healing releases any blockage or trauma, restoring harmony through the songs and the energy channeled from Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Plant Spirits and Archetypes, who will assist the session bringing highly vibrational light to take you back to your centre, reawakening your true self so that you can find the right direction and soul purpose.

How effective is it?

It is very effective to clear the ancestral lineage and also karmic blockages that we could carry from previous lives which prevent us from living a life of fulfillment.
It brings love and light to your inner child so that you can fully connect with yourself and your innate abilities.
Shamanic Healing is very powerful and can be intense but very effective and truly life changing.
Black magic can also be released.

How much does distance Shamanic healing cost?

90 Minutes of Shamanic Healing costs £55.

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What is Rahanni Celestial healing?

Rahanni is a 5th dimensional modality that works on the Pink Ray of pure unconditional love. It’s a soft and simultaneously deeply powerful vibration that helps releasing fear, depression, stress and any possible emotional blockage.

Rahanni’s energy is channeled through the Archangels, Ascended Masters and Kuan Ying.
The Silver/Violet Flame of Atlantis is also a very important component of this Healing which cures with colourful vibrations restoring balance throughout your whole being.

What is King Arthur and Merlin channeled connection?

Awacha will bring you on an astral journey to the gates of the Celestial Avalon where you will have the sacred honour ro encounter and vibrationally connect to King Arthur and Merlin, they will share some teachings with you through a light activation and message or healing; depending on your personal needs.
This will help you to awaken your abilities and deepening your understanding of your human experience and soul purpose.

How can it help me?

This will help you to awaken your abilities and deepening your understanding of your human experience and soul purpose.

How much does it cost?

45 Minutes of King Arthur and Merlin Channeled Connection costs £35.

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What is Tarot reading?

Tarot readings help a person understand what he or she needs to know about a particular situation. Decks are best used as a tool of inner wisdom and guidance, as readings give a person insight to past, current and future events based on the person’s current path at the time of the reading. Awacha provides different spreads of Tarot reading depending on what you need to know.

What is Celtic Cross Tarot reading?

This spread works on three different dimensions:

– Upper World, the sky, the spiritual realm.
– The middle world, the material world, our physical world.
– The lower world, what’s hidden beneath the surface.

So that you can see the past present and future and how it affects you on every level.

What is Medicine wheel Tarot reading?

Based on the Peruvian tradition of the Medicine Wheel:

– It shows the core of the current situation you are in.
– The South illuminates what from your past is holding you back and needs to be released.
– The West brings to the surface the fears you need to face so that you can grow and move forward.
– The North shows where the Magic and Joy is in this situation and what you are asked to be grateful for – and thus celebrate more.
– The East is the bigger picture, it expands your perspective on why this is all happening.
– It’s a great tool to discover the necessary actions to heal and move forward in you life.

How much does Tarot reading cost?

An hour of full Tarot reading using any of the spreads above costs £25.

A mini Tarot reading, about guidance and challenges on past, present and future costs £15.

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How can I learn Shamanic Healing?

If you want to become a Shamanic Healer or Practitioner, you can explore Shamanic Healing Courses.