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Shamanic Medicine Wheel Foundation Course -oh1

Foundation course in Shamanism – Module 01 – South

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In the south you’ll learn how to shed the layers of the past, that may no longer serve you. You’ll learn grounding techniques, so that you can fully connect with your energy body. The south will, help you experience a total rebirth process, so that you can focus on the present with full focus.

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–  Classes are streamed live online.
–  You can review the recorded classes anytime during the course online.
–  Be part of an online community as you learn and progress on your Shamanic path.

South Class 1: You’ll Learn

– What is Shamanism and introduction to the Medicine Wheel.
– Inka Tradition: You’ll explore The Inka, Peruvian Tradition of the Medicine Wheel.
– Introduction to Chakana: You’ll learn the ancient symbolism of the Chakana, the Andean Cross, which is a very interesting and powerful symbol.
– Exploring Shamanic tools.
– Smudging and the different incenses and herbs to use.
– Opening and closing Sacred Space.
– Duration: 90 Minutes.

South Class 2: You’ll Learn
– The Teachings of Sachamama Great Serpent.
– How to connect with Pacha Mama and the Trees, how to ground yourself.
– Finding your Power Object in Nature.
– How to connect to PachaMama’s Womb.
– Duration: 120 Minutes.

South Class 4: You’ll Learn
– Sense with your mind’s eye to see energy.
– Finding your main 3 wounds, Sand Paintings, working with your wounds to heal them and transform them into a source of power and wisdom.
– Working with Mother Water / Mama Cocha to release what no longer serves you.
– Duration: 90 Minutes.

South Class 5: Journey to inner-child
– Journey to the Inner Child to bring Healing to your childhood traumas.
– Duration: 120 Minutes.


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