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Looking for Shamanic Healing in London? Omega Hub, provides Shamanic Healing therapy, through various qualified and professional Shamanic Healers, here in Hackney Wick, London. You’ll also find other options such as Crystal, Reiki, and 5D Energy healing.

What is Shamanic Healing?

A typical Shamanic healing session can consist of hands-on healing, divination, crystal therapy, sound healing, journeying, energy extractions, balancing, etc.

There is a myriad of tools from Nature that are used – stones, rattles, pendulum, the chakapa, feathers, and even plant essences. The aim is to bring about deep healing of mind, spirit, and body as well as restoration of personal power.

In our Quantum Sound Bath, this only includes the chakra balancing using a Pendulum.

The Shamanic healing includes smudging, hands-on healing, divination, crystal therapy, sound healing, journeying, energy extractions, balancing, etc.

Ark,  follows the teachings of the Q’eros Shamans of Peru, an ancient tradition that comes from the Incas. He’s also a Master & Practitioner of Usui Reiki Healing and a practitioner in Crystal and Sound Healing. You can try a flavour of shamanic healing by attending our Quantum Shamanic Sound Bath.

How can it help me?

Shamanic Healing releases any blockage or trauma, restoring harmony through the songs and the energy channeled from Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Plant Spirits and Archetypes, who will assist the session bringing highly vibrational light to take you back to your centre, reawakening your true self so that you can find the right direction and soul purpose.

How effective is it?

It is very effective to clear the ancestral lineage and also karmic blockages that we could carry from previous lives which prevent us from living a life of fulfillment.
It brings love and light to your inner child so that you can fully connect with yourself and your innate abilities.
Shamanic Healing is very powerful and can be intense but very effective and truly life changing.
Black magic can also be released.

How much does Shamanic healing cost?

60 Minutes of Shamanic Healing costs £60 and a 90 minutes session costs £85.

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What is 5D energy healing/Celestial healing?

It’s a 5th-dimensional modality that works on the Pink Ray of pure unconditional love. It’s a soft and simultaneously deeply powerful vibration that helps release fear, depression, stress, and any possible emotional blockage.

Th energy is channeled through the Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Kuan Ying.
The Silver/Violet Flame of Atlantis is also a very important component of this Healing which cures with colourful vibrations restoring balance throughout your whole being.

People have explained the experience as being more powerful as compared to Reiki Healing.

How much does 5D Energy healing cost?

60 minutes 5D energy healing costs £65

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How can I learn Shamanic Healing?

If you want to become a Shamanic Healer or Practitioner, you can explore Shamanic Healing Courses.

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