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Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healing Course

Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healing Course,  in Hackney Wick, London.

Level One Dates for London 2024

22nd June 10 am – 6 pm
17th   August 10 am – 6 pm

This Shamanic course will provide a general understanding and healing method using the Peruvian Shamanic Medicine Wheel, taking you through a journey of self-discovery and healing. As you learn to walk between two worlds, you’ll harness your full potential while honouring your true path and soul’s purpose.

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Level-1 Investment

Indoor-studio Early bird entry – £450 £399.
Online Shamanic Healing Level 1 course- £299 £199 (33% offer ends soon)

– Healing and releasing past traumas.
– Learn to work with the elements.
– Find your innate powers.
– Discover who you truly are.
– Learn healing techniques.
– Connect to the Archetypes of the 4 directions.
– Understand what your life purpose is.


–  This entire course is spread over a minimum of 4 levels.
–  Each level is run over 2 days.
–  You can start your healing practice after completing Level 1.
–  After completing successful case studies, you can register for the next level.
–  Classes are held by a riverside studio in London, Hackney Wick, Stratford and also streamed online.
–  Facebook support group to help you during and after the course.
–  Be part of a community as you learn and progress on your Shamanic path.
–  Monthly support is available under the Monthly plan

Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healing Course- London

Covering Five Directions of the Medicine Wheel

  • The Shamanic Practioner course is spread across five levels
  • Each level is held over a weekend course
  • You can continue as a practitioner after level-1
  • Case studies are to be completed after each level
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South- Level 1

Serpent: Healing the Past

West- Level 2

Jaguar: Releasing Fear

Centre- Level 5

The Heart: Finding your Centre

North- Level 3

Hummingbird: Connecting to Ancestors

East- Level 4

Eagle: Self-Mastery

Centre- Level 5

The Heart: Finding your Centre

Shamanic Practitioner & Energy Healing Course- London

Level 1- South: The Foundation

Course summary

  • What is Shamanic Energy Healing
  • How is it different to other forms of energy healing
  • How does a Shamanic Healer work on 4 Levels
  • How to release past wounds
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Through conversation (Platica/Divination/Intuition): listening, non-judgement & acceptance, sharing.

Hands-on Healing

Hands are always the main healing tool, they have a frequency that can heal self and others.


Plants, Animals & Minerals: in physical & spiritual form.

Sacred Tools

From Nature as a way to heal through nature and its 4 elements.

Kick start your Shamanic Healing

Practitioner journey right away

Certified Shamanic Healing Practioner Course

You can work as an apprentice

in our Shamanic Sound Bath

Advance to different levels when needed
On completion of free apprentice training
Start working and get paid at our wellness events
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Shamanic Healing Course Certificate- Level 1

Shamanic Healing Practioner training- testimonial

I completed my Level 1 Shamanic Practice course with Anna & Ark at this centre and it was THE MOST life-changing experience. The amount of knowledge, healing, and hands-on experience I gained with this in-person course were absolutely worth the money, time and energy. The value of what I have gained now has opened up my direction in life and so, learning these ancient practices has deepened my love for life, my understanding of it and facing past wounds allowing me to not only heal myself but now pass on these wonderful healing techniques to others. Anna & Ark align themselves to the person, with complete non-judgemental receptiveness and are just outright lovely people who genuinely care about others and it shows in their work and everything they do.


I attended level 1 course Shamanic healing practitioner and it was absolutely amazing. I couldn't recommend it enough for anyone who is interested in learning. Ark was such an amazing host and it's not every day you come out of a workshop and feel like you actually can take away what you learned and implement it straight away into your life. The course is very well articulated and the practical side was in my opinion really fulfilling to experience the results.
I highly recommend and really looking forward to level 2.
Thank you all at Omega


It was a very good experience, I learned clear tools to help me as a healer and as a person. These tools I started to use immediately.
The place was beautiful, and I felt empowered after the course.
The healing was powerful and effective.
Overall I am very happy that I attended this course.
Thank you


The course is really good and amazing. It’s better than I thought. The teacher Ark is very good at teaching. He is very nice and knowledgeable. It’s worth to have a shamanic course here. After the course, I felt really calm and relaxed.

20 July
Upcoming Event

Shamanic Energy Healing Course Level 1- Indoor Studio London.

Omega Hub, Roach Road, London, UK

Shamanic Healing Course (L1)- Part One


Introduction to Shamanic healing tools

Drum, Rattle, Chakapa, Aqua de Florida, Crystals, Singing Bowls, Sage, Palo Santo, Rosemary Branches.

The four directions & Archetypes of the 4 Directions

South, West, North, East - and their archetypes as your allies.

Opening & holding space

Learn how to open, hold and close sacred space during healing.

Cleansing & preparation of space

Learn about space preparation, using incense, crystal, plant, water and other spiritual items.

How to prepare yourself for energy healing?

Cleansing, grounding, purifying.

Learn protection techniques

Simple protection techniques that keep you safe during the healing.

The Chakras and Aura

Learning the human energy system and how it's connected to organs and anatomy.
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shamanic energy healing course 1
shamanic energy healing course 3

Shamanic Healing Course (L1)- Part Two


The healing

Training & demonstration, including an introduction to Sound healing with Tibetan Bowls, Crystal and hands-on healing.

Spiritual assistance

Calling for spiritual assistance and seeking guidence

Cleansing the Aura

Learn how to cleanse aura by using, Sage, Aqua de Florida, Tuning Forks, Chakapa, and other tools.

How to open Auric field and Chakras

Learn how to open Aura and Chakras using Ratlle before shamanic Healing.

How to sense energy blockages?

Learn how to sense energy blockages using Hands and Shamanic tools.

Learn extraction of unwanted energy

Learn entity and other energy extraction methods using Shamanic tools.

How to stabilise energy?

Learn how to soothe or stabilise energy with crystals and hands-on healing methods.

Closing the Auric field and Charkas

Learn how to close Aura and Chakras after a shamanic energy healing session.

Post healing cleansing

Learn how to cleanse after a healing session.
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About The teacher


Clients treated & counting

Ark is on the medicine wheel of Peruvian Shamanic Healing, having completed the traditional symbolic self- burial experience. He's also a Mesa carrier. He's been a practitioner for over 6 years. He is also a wellness coach, certified Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner of Usui Reiki Healing as well as a certified Crystal Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner. He’s been an energy healer since 2017. He is also a practitioner of other energy healing modalities, such as Celestial, Crystal and Sound healing. In the recent past he was invited to host Quantum Shamanic Sound Bath at a wellness event for the guests of Disney and ITV, before the Premiere of the Marvel film Thor: Love & Thunder, which was featured on ITV (Ferne McCann: First Time Mum) in September 2022. He was covered recently in the local press release by The Wick. His combined healing experience, knowledge and wisdom make this an amazing and unique healing experience for anyone who feels the calling to attend this course.

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