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Need to switch off? You’ll love this relaxing Sound Bath like never before.

Combined Sound Healing experience with Pranayama, Yoga, Gong, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal bowls & Tuning Forks, Crystal, 5D & Reiki energy healing. Hackney Wick – Stratford – Bow – London.

Treat yourself to an amazing and rejuvenating experience like never before. You’ll love this full-on 2 hours indoor Sound Bath session, with Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls at this creative studio, here in Hackney Wick, East London. You’ll leave feeling uplifted in your body, mind, and spirit.

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Sound Bath and Gong Bath FAQ:

What are the benefits of Sound Healing?

  • Decreases physiological and psychological pain
  • Decreases anxiety and stress, fatigue and depression, nausea and headache
  • Decreases blood pressure and stimulates circulation
  • Slows heart rate
  • Slows respiration rate and normalises the breath
  • Relaxes muscles
  • Reduces stress-hormone levels (Cortisol, Beta-endorphin and ACTH)
  • Improves quality of life

What is the difference between Quantum Shamanic, Yogic and Lunar Sound Bath?

All Quantum Sound Bath sessions include Gong Bath, Sound Bath using Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Bowl, Ocean Drum. Group Reiki, Individual Crystal Healing, 5D Energy Healing and Tuning Forks healing.

  • Quantum Shamanic Sound Bath has added Shamanic Healing using different tools such as Chakapa, Rattle, Extraction Crystals, Sage, etc. This is very helpful for assisting in removing wounds, energy blockages, entities while restoring personal power using powerful ancient Peruvian shamanic healing techniques. We also use different Tibetan Singing bowls with unique frequencies for Sound Bowl Massage,  related to individual chakras needing healing during the session.
  • Quantum Yogic Sound Bath, include a 20-30 minutes Yoga session and the Group Sound Bath, Gong Bath & Reiki, and individual Sound Bowl Massage, Crystal healing, Tuning fork healing and 5D energy healing as above.
  • Quantum Lunar Sound Bath is similar to Yogic Sound Bath but includes additional,  astrological insights around the Full moon, setting intentions in harmony with the astrological aspect. This session also includes a Tarot reading. The next Lunar Sound Bath will be on the 16th April 2022.

What are the benefits of Gong Bath?

Gong baths, like all types of sound therapy, allow your brain to relax into an alpha-dominant or theta-dominant brainwave state.

“In this state, your brain has time to download what’s been happening in your day. [It] allows you to process thoughts and emotions,” says sound therapist Farzana Ali. “The result is that you’ll feel calmer, happier, and less anxious after a session.”

A 2017 study found that music therapy may reduce symptoms of depression and promote overall mood. A 2013 study linked music to health benefits, including immune function and stress reduction.

Sound baths may help with:

– stress
– fatigue
– depression

In a 2017 study trusted Source conducted on singing bowl meditation, participants noted decreases in tension, anger, and fatigue, possibly due to suppression of the fight-or-flight response.

In a 2015 study specifically conducted on gong baths, participants reported that they found the sound vibrations healing or relaxing.

According to Ali, gongs can also be used to stimulate an altered state of consciousness or ASC. This form of deep relaxation can feel similar to a trance-like state.

“Some find being in ASC can boost creativity, feelings of wellness, or even just processing of trauma,” Ali says.

According to Hochkeppel, gong baths may also be useful in resolving emotional and physical dissonance.

“Gong baths offer a psycho-acoustic gateway to heightened states of awareness and consciousness. It’s an amazing healing tool because the frequencies surpass the intellectual part of the brain and travel to the core of the cellular system where the healing qualities are fully absorbed,” says Hochkeppel.

What are some common challenges?

City environments have a high amount of noise pollution made up of disharmonious sounds like cars, building sites and trains.

This has a negative effect on our wellbeing and can contribute to stress. Nature sounds, on the other hand, are in harmony with our energy field and have a healing and relaxing effect on the mind and body.

What are Tibetan singing bowls?

Tibetan singing bowls have been used for centuries as tools for inducing meditative states and healing. The healing happens through our brain waves becoming synchronised with the perfect resonance of the bowls. Physiologically, this initiated a relaxation response

What is Gong Bath?

Gong bath is a form of inactive meditation, where you “bathe” in the healing vibrations of sound.

Sound healing dates back to ancient cultures. Records of using gongs have surfaced from as early as ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman times.

“Gongs have been used as shamanic healing tools, celebratory instruments, and a method of communication for thousands of years. Evidence suggests that gong making was known as early as 4,000 B.C. and ancient alchemy sources put the gong as far back as 16,000 B.C.,” says sound healing practitioner Britta Hochkeppel.

A gong bath, or gong meditation, can help the receiver with:

– relaxation
– emotional release
– pain relief

What happens in our Sound Bath session?

We will start our session with pranayama to clear the mind followed by a gentle yoga asana practice to release any tension in the body. If you’re unable to do Yoga, you can sit back and relax.

At this stage we’ll be ready, to begin with, the sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowls, clearing the mind and relaxing the body.

Lastly, we’ll be combining crystal, Gong Sound Bath, Reiki, and 5th-dimensional energy healing to give you an optimum healing and relaxing experience.

We also include individual shamanic healing in some of our sessions, please check out the information below and the event details for more.

How is Shamanic Healing carried out?

A typical Shamanic healing session can consist of hands-on healing, divination, crystal therapy, sound healing, journeying, energy extractions, balancing, etc.

There is a myriad of tools from Nature that are used – stones, rattles, pendulum, the chakapa, feathers, and even plant essences. The aim is to bring about deep healing of mind, spirit, and body as well as restoration of personal power.

In our Quantum Sound Bath, this only includes the chakra balancing using a Pendulum.

The Shamanic Quantum Sound Bath includes smudging, hands-on healing, divination, crystal therapy, sound healing, journeying, energy extractions, balancing, etc.

How much is the cost of Sound Bath?

Quantum Yogic Sound Bath session is £30 but you can get an early bird entry at a discounted £25.

Quantum Shamanic Sound Bath session is £35 but you can get an early bird entry at a discounted £30.

Quantum Lunar Sound Bath session is £30 but you can get an early bird entry at a discounted £25.

How long is your session?

The Quantum Lunar Sound Bath session generally lasts approximately 2 hours but can be extended or reduced by 15 minutes depending on the group size. The Quantum Shamanic Sound Bath session generally lasts approximately 2.5 hours but can be extended or reduced by 15 minutes depending on the group size.

What's your cancellation policy?

Any cancellations before 72 hours of the event are eligible for rescheduling to future dates.

Private One to One Healing  Sessions:

Do you offer One to One Reiki Healing?

Do you offer One to One Sound Healing?

Do you offer One to One Shamanic Healing?

Shamanic Healing Practitioner Course

Do you offer Shamanic healing training?

Yes, if you want to learn Shamanic Healing, please check the Shamanic Practioner Healing Course.

Quantum Shamanic Sound Bath

Pranayama, Sound Bath with Gong, Tibetan & Crytal Bowls, Tuning Fork, Reiki & 5D Energy healing, Shamanic Healing.

Quantum Yogic Sound Bath

Yoga, Pranayama, Sound Bath with Gong, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, Ocean Drum, Crystal Healing, Reiki & 5D Energy healing.

How did they feel?

Sound Bath – Gong Bath Testimonials

I had the most serene and transformative experience at Omega Yoga and Sound Bath. The class and facilities were top-class and the instructors were just really lovely. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of zen in their life.


Arc & Ana were incredibly warm and welcoming, they both knew exactly where my trigger points were blocked and I felt extremely looked after. The whole experience was incredibly powerful, and I enjoyed the different combination of healing modalities. I will definitely be visiting again with friends/family. This event is definitely not money-oriented like some other healing sessions available in London. It is clear that the amount of energy and work that was given is solely based on healing and helping others well-being, this is the place to go for some authentic true Shamanic work Thank you so much! ❤


Very calming, lovely setup. The whole experience was uplifting and I felt like I was on cloud nine. I really managed to feel involved in the Reiki and Sound Bath itself, I felt like my vibration had to be lifted. Had a very deep sleep afterward and I will be returning! 🙂


This was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning. It was a beautiful experience and our hosts were so generous with their time. I felt I needed something to help clear the residue of this past year and this session did just that. I'd highly recommend.


Thank you so much for the amazing healing ceremony. It was intense and I absolutely loved it. I feel quite a few things are shifting!


I did feel an extreme sense of well-being after the session and felt very at peace and relaxed. I felt heat in my feet and third eye and I saw golden colours during the healing ✨ Great value for money. The combination you both put together is amazing


This was amazing, a fantastic way to switch off and relax from everyday stress. I will be going back.


I really enjoyed this experience. Gentle asana, incredible sound healing and the reiki was really powerful. I think it was excellent value for money and would come again!


Really enjoyed the yoga, sound healing, reiki etc. Lovely duo facilitating. I look forward to returning 🌞


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