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Looking for Sound Healing in London? Omega Hub, provides Sound Healing therapy, through various qualified and professional Sound Healing practitioners, here in Hackney Wick, Stratford, and East London. You’ll also find other options such as Crystal, Reiki, and 5D Energy healing.

Sound Healing London- About the Sound Healing practitioner

Ark is certified Sound Healing Practitioner. He’s also a Reiki Master, Teacher & Practitioner of Usui Reiki Healing as well as Angelic Reiki Practitioner.

Ark is on the medicine wheel of Peruvian Shamanic Healing, having completed the traditional symbolic self-burial experience. He’s also a Mesa carrier. He has been a Shamanic practitioner in London for over 6 years. He’s a lead facilitator and founder of the unique Quantum Shamanic Sound Bath, here at Omega Hub London. Recently he was invited to host Quantum Shamanic Sound Bath at a wellness event for the guests of Disney and ITV, before the Premiere of the Marvel film Thor: Love & Thunder, which is was due to be featured on ITV. He teaches Shamanic Healing and Reiki Healing here at Omega Hub Studio, in East London.

Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy:

Psychologically, the relaxation response initiates the following changes, which can also be classified as benefits of Sound Energy medicine (sound healing), just a few of them are:

• Decreases pain, both psychological and physiological
• Decreases anxiety & stress, fatigue and depression, nausea and headaches
• Decreases blood pressure and stimulates blood circulation
• Slows heart rate
• Slows respiration rate and normalises the breath
• Relaxes muscles
• Changes viscosity of phlegm in the lungs
• Skin surface massage and deep tissue massage
• Deep massage of intestines (often resulting in improvement of constipation)
• Analgesia
• Reduces stress hormone levels (Cortisol, Beta-endorphin and ACTH)
• Improves quality of life
• Improves reduction function

What is the origin of Tibetan Bowls?

It is said that when Buddha was introduced to the Tibetan people, he brought his first bowl with him.

The story goes on to say this particular vessel had been used in India for sacred rituals and offerings toward various gods or goddesses; it’s also mentioned how these humble containments were not allowed within monasteries themselves but rather outside where they could be seen by all who wished them well-wishing came from afar because few knew about its power until then–only those high enough up would truly appreciate what treasures lie within

What levels does Sound Healing therapy have an impact?

Sound energy healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls is a powerful form of holistic medicine that has been used for centuries to treat everything from pain relief, anxiety disorders and depression all the way up to cancer treatment. The massage technique works on many levels including your energetic body (vibrations) as well as within your physical self; when we heal ourselves this way it triggers personal transformation which helps us reach our full potential in life!

• The primary energy body is the energy field blueprint, which contains the vibrational and sound modalities. It purifies the subtle energy channels and energy field blueprint, rejuvenating the DNA structure (your information hardware).

• Cosmic Holographic Blueprint: Using sound and vibration to open your channel, you may be spiritually awakened, join with the universal consciousness, and heal yourself with new pure energy through your open energy channel, as well as trigger personal change.

• Deep Vibration’s therapeutic effects are derived from the body’s resonant frequencies. It relaxes muscles, relieves pain, massages organs and rewires the brain, which reduces stress and anxiety. The researchers of a study published in 2013 confirmed that cancer cells disintegrate when stimulated with resonance therapy.

Conditions that can be improved with Sound Healing

Sound Energy medicine showed positive results in treatment of the following health conditions:

• Cancer & Leukaemia
• Pain & Anxiety reduction
• Insomnia
• Depression
• Alzheimer’s Disease
• Arthritis
• Heel spurs
• Recovery from surgery or trauma
• Circulation & high/low blood pressure
• Parkinson’s Disease
• Fibromyalgia

Do you offer private group healing?

Yes, please contact us for more details.


Private & Corporate Sound Healing London- Hackney Wick, Bow, Stratford- East London

Looking for Sound Healing in London for private or corporate events? Omega Hub can tailor-make bespoke wellness sessions with Sound Healing and make them an unforgettable experience for your guests.

The first two pictures contain an image of, Michael Timbs, attending a wellness event before Marvel’s Thor, Love & Thunder, Premiere in Central London.


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