Baby Massage Course Stratford- Hackney Wick, East London.

Hackney Wick | Bow | Fish Island | Stratford – East London

Relax, Bond, and Soothe: Discover the Magic of Baby Massage!

You'll learn

  • Teach you the full baby massage routine- slowly building week on week to a full head-to-toe massage.

  • Teach proven techniques to help with your baby’s overall development.

  • Support you in learning how to remedy common ailments in babies; such as colic, trapped wind, constipation and teething pain.

  • Share insider “tricks of the trade”, such as which massage moves are best for soothing and encouraging your baby to relax, promoting better sleep/nap cycles (a fav with our parents!)

  • Promote relaxation for you and your baby, allowing you to bond with your baby in the most wonderful way.

  • Provide a space for parents to meet and connect.

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