Kirtan & Mantra Chanting- Hackney Wick, Stratford, East London.

Soul-nurturing Kirtan session that transcends the ordinary

🌟 Rise Together:

Let go of fears and limiting beliefs, and empower yourself to set boundaries that honor your journey. This immersive experience invites you to cultivate a compassionate and loving relationship with your true self.

🌿Escape the Virtual, Embrace the Real:

In a world spinning at warp speed, it’s easy to feel disconnected. Our workshop extends an invitation to return, to slow down, and truly listen. Tune in to your body, express your thoughts and emotions freely, with no judgment or expectations.

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Reclaim your inner strength

Embark on a transformative odyssey

🎶 Sonic Alchemy:

Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of ancient instruments like Tibetan bowls, conch shells, Chinese wind gong, and Shamanic drum. Let the sounds wash over you, offering medicinal echoes that echo through time.

🌈 Join the Symphony of Self-Discovery:

This is more than an event; it’s an intimate journey into the realms of sound, breath, and self-awareness. Experience the alchemy of ancient instruments and the power within your own voice, all within a supportive community.


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Kirtan London Testimonials

Cat's chanting is incredible - she has an amazing voice and unique style that she brings from a variety of musical and cultural backgrounds to her chanting. In addition, she sings from the soul which can be very moving and liberating for the listeners


I have had the pleasure of being led in kirtan by Cat on a number of occasions. Her voice is divine and holds a quality that feels ancient and wise. I feel completely held in her space, able to float away into my own meditation. Her kirtan sessions make me feel more connected to myself and also to something greater. She is very clear and her chants easy and joyful to follow, suitable for any level of experience. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending kirtan with Cat and can't wait until I can do so again.


I went to a sound healing session from Cat and went to a very deep and relaxed place by the end of it. Cat's diverse musical background means she moulds in a wide range of instruments and uses them in very intuitive ways to have a great impact on our health and wellbeing. I would thoroughly recommend her as a sound healer.


Alex is an excellent and sensitive therapist. I’ve had several years of talk therapy previously and was in a pretty reasonable place when I started working with Alex but our sessions hit the emotional parts deep below what talk therapy had been able to reach for me. During our 7 months of working together Alex compassionately helped me to listen to and become more attuned to my body. I’m now increasingly able to understand what it is holding or revealing to me in a way that allowed me to notice patterns that had previously worked for me but were no longer serving me. I was also able to begin to address some generational family patterns that had always been there but I’d not had the courage to properly confront. Much of this is due to Alex’s patience and the safe, calm , trusting space she created during our somatic sessions.


In the 5 week sessions I become willing to see and sit safely with some of the stagnant feelings and beliefs that have been a barrier to me living a more fuller and present life. I was able to release and I’ve noticed my thoughts about things are different.

The sessions are wonderfully balanced, the small group style itself has a powerful and special quality that allows you to be seen and witnessed in a compassionate and meaningful way. Vulnerability hangover was nowhere to be seen. This would not have been me a year ago and it was so freeing.

Alex is compassionate, calm and explains concepts in an accessible way. Very skilled at providing just what you need at any moment, sometimes it seems so small, but it’s exactly what was needed for me to release what was ready to be let go of.

From where I was to now is visible in my both body and how I show up, people in my life have commented on the positive change. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Alex to anyone, it’s a wonderful gift from yourself for yourself.


I was introduced to Alexandra by a family member. I felt broken mentally, my body hurt, I needed healing, I never heard of breath therapy but decided to give it a go! Working with Alex was amazing. After each session I felt like the layers of life’ onion started stripping away, bringing me to a place of peace and calm. Alex taught me how to breathe my way through situations which has helped me with the recent loss of my father. I would highly recommend her services!



What to expect

– Opening Circle
– Intention setting
– Mantra Chanting
– Embodiment Practice
– Breathwork Journey to Live Music
– Sound Healing
– Closing Circle
– Tea & Snacks – community! Let’s connect over some delicious snacks (vegan & gluten free!)

Who should join

This workshop is open to anyone who has been feeling stuck, and seeking help on setting boundaries and emotional renewal.

No prior experience with singing/chanting, breathwork or sound is necessary; you will be guided by experienced facilitators.

How can I book my session?

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What is your cancellation policy?

Any cancellations  made 72 hours prior to the event will receive a credit coupon/voucher code to rebook for future events,  unfortunately cancellations made  after this time period or no-shows will not be entitled to any voucher. Tickets aren’t refundable.

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