Tuesday 6:30 pm | Friday 10 am

Experience Online Quantum Pilates with Energy Healing

You'll be moving through different Pilates poses while slowly progressing throughout the class. Expect to have your heart rate elevated to get the desired cardio effect. Quantum Pilates includes an online Energy Healing session to help you relax and experience a sense of inner peace. Click on the video and check the feedback shared by participants.


I've to say that it feels amazing. A deep warmth around your chest. A total sense of relaxation in your body. You literally feel that it's energy moving inside your body.

Madalina M

I felt my body was just melting, I felt calm as well and at peace. I really enjoyed that and It felt really good, so thank you.


Omega Hub is a great platform, I attended a Pilates class with Aneequa and enjoyed it very much, keep up the great work Omega Hub 🙂


As usual wonderful session, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's hard work and I feel the benefits instantly and through the rest of the day.


They've been very enjoyable, very enticing and I felt really fresh afterward. I'd definitely recommend them to anybody.

Dr Yosrah

Aneequa is always a very good teacher, very engaging, very charming.

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