Prana Kriya Yoga Class- Hackney Wick, East London

For Men & Women

What is Pran Kriya Yoga and How is it different?

Prana is life force and Kriya means movement. It differs from usual yoga asanas. By retaining the breath it strengthens the heart muscle and gives you a complete body, mind and breath experience. Keep your eyes open throughout the practice.

– The practice emphasizes the breath, kumbhaka (breath retention), bandhas (locks), drishti (gazing points), chakras, mudras (gestures), mantras and meditation.

– This form of yoga is one of the most effective means by which to achieve your goals and aspirations, material, emotional and spiritual, and bring your actions in line with your mental and emotional state.

– Prana Kriya yoga has long been highly regarded among many great masters and yogis to hold the key to slowing down the ageing process.

Are you?

– Having challenge, keeping focus?

– Facing difficulties, breaking old repeating patterns?

– Not feeling fulfilled or happy ?

– Seeking emotional balance and inner peace?

– In need of flexibility?

How can Prana Kriya Yoga help you?

– Prana Kriya Yoga uses the movement of the body combined with breath retention.

– Harmonizes and unites the flow of the physical movement in our bodies (kriya).

– It’s energetic power can help you become aware of your creative potential.

– Highly energizing, cleansing which can help you relax.

– It rejuvenates the brain and spinal centres, awakens the hidden energy (kundalini) within you.

– Allows you to transform and free yourself from limiting beliefs and old behavioral patterns, holding you back.

What will you learn?

  1. Introduction to yogi breath. Use of the diaphragm
  2. Physiology of the Breath
  3. Recognizing behaviors and patterns
  4. The energy or subtle body
  5. The 5 elements
  6. Body mind relationship
  7. Principle and Concept of Kriyas
  8. Chakras alignment techniques
  9. Energy centres in the body – practices to create equilibrium
  10. Different Pranayama techniques
  11. Practice of Prana Kriya Yoga
  12. Bandhas & Kumbhackas.
  13. Chanting
  14. Chakra meditation, Kriya meditation.
  15. ATMA Meditation
  16. Sharing experience and observation of the body
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