Tell us, why not do this? “Making a difference” doesn’t have to be a Christmas song.

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making a difference

Maybe Christmas isn’t here yet, but it’s a reminder of how Londoners and many others help, raising donations for homeless people and other charitable causes during the holidays. But what about the rest of the year?

At Omega hub, we deeply care about everyone, including people displaced within our communities.
Since 2017, our Founder has been a proactive volunteer for RCK Hackney, a local soup kitchen.

RCK, Refugee Community Kitchen.

RCK was initially set up to feed refugees in Calais, France, where they fed thousands of refugees daily.
Later RCK set up their local soup kitchen in London. RCK continues to feed displaced people in Hackney, Camden, and Bethnal Green.

The entire operation is run by volunteers and donations from people and organisations. Since 2015, they’ve served over 2 Million hot, nourishing meals to people living rough in Northern France and London.

Homelessness is an ongoing challenge.

Homelessness is an ongoing and growing challenge for London and many cities around the world, especially during a crisis like COVID-19. When people and businesses can come forward to do their part (and we’re not talking just during Christmas), it gives an encouragement boost to the likes of RCK, so that they can continue doing their part within the community.