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Crystal Reiki- Why it’s more powerful & what’s the secret?

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Crystal Reiki Grid

What is Crystal Reiki?


Crystals have been used for centuries as tools to heal and increase levels of awareness with each stone being specially selected because its energy resonates in a specific frequency. Although combining Reiki with the use of crystals is relatively new, this branch of Reiki is capable of boosting healing at a powerful level.  Crystal Reiki is a form of healing that utilises the energies within our earth to help heal you. The powerful frequencies are amplified by Reiki and can be targeted with special attention, making it more profound than other forms of therapy you may have experienced.

What is a Crystal Grid and how does it work with Crystal Reiki?

  1. Grids have been used in history for various purposes. Stonehenge, for example, is a heptagon. The pyramids of Egypt are grids formed by octahedrons. Some scientists have overlaid grids over the earth and identified significant energy activity points that perfectly align with the gridlines.
  2. Sacred geometry is all around us in the natural world. Flowers and plants use light and love to communicate these forms, which are the basis for creation, in a language that exists everywhere. These blueprints that form our planet have been utilised for hundreds of years as a technique to raise awareness.
  3. Placing the crystals in a grid formation is one of the most basic methods to utilise Crystal Reiki. The grids we’ll be using are based on sacred geometry’s harmonic resonance and are energetic transceivers. Grids can absorb energy or transmit it outwardly. We’re combining the specific design components of creation with the power of crystals and Reiki energy to create these grids.
  4. The crystals placed within the grid have a unique resonance that symbolizes various energetic properties. The grid will assist in the most efficient energy transmission to the intended receiver for the most significant benefit of all concerned.

What is Quantum Crystal Reiki and why it’s rare?

Quantum Crystal Reiki uses the power of Harmonic Sacred Geometric grids in a specific way to help resolve any imbalances within the energetic body, whilst helping to bring balance and restoration to the body and mind. Unlike any other general Reiki healing, this is a very powerful and unique experience which may not be offered by any or many Crystal Reiki practitioners in London. This is a relatively new and creative experience you can have if you’re looking for optimum bliss. In a Quantum Crystal Reiki Healing session you’ll be given a charged crystal from the Grid used, specifically at your tailored session, to take away with you so that you can continue to integrate the power of the healing after the private session has ended.

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